Asda Accounts Payable Team Leader Job Description, Qualifications, Duties & Salary

You will take an active role in Asda’s Accounts Payable section. You will be responsible for providing the best customer service to the customer base served. You will also supervise the correct processing of supplier invoices by your teammates in your team. After the invoices are processed, you will also control the part of making the payments. The management of the Accounts Payable and Administrative support team will be responsible for you.

There are around 5000 suppliers in your department. You are responsible for the management of 6.5 million annual invoices of these suppliers. The people on your team are lively, social and innovative. You will be expected to have these characteristics as well. Even though the job you will do routinely in your position is clear, you will encounter new things every day. In time, you will have information about not only the department you work in, but also many other related departments.

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Accounts Payable Team Leader Roles & Responsibilities

Asda Accounts Payable Team Leader Jobs: Description & Salary Part 1

Accounts Payable management is your responsibility. In addition, all areas such as supplier participation, supplier payment are under your authority. You will also be responsible for cooperating with the supplier base at appropriate times.

Daily Things to do

  • You should properly manage the people working in the Accounts Payable section.
  • By using your leadership skills, you should strive for the professional development of your teammates in your entire team.
  • You should strengthen business relationships and influence people through your communication and interpersonal skills.

Salary: £21,416 – £29,416 per year: Salary information stated here is an estimate. You will access more precise information during job interview and interviews with the company.

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