Asda Merchandiser Job Description, Qualifications, Duties & Salary

At Asda, this position is usually a part-time position. You will be responsible for POS and in-store media placement at Asda stores. The days you will work may differ depending on the store. Depending on the store you will work in, flexible days may be required. You may be more likely to be selected for this position if you have previous experience in any retail setting or merchandising.

Salary: Those who will hold the position of Asda Merchandiser will be paid £11.41 per hour.

Asda Merchandiser Job Description & Salary

Job Qualifications & Duties

  • You will be responsible for placing POS in certain sections of the store in order to support the brands determined by the company. After all POS placement is completed, you will take photos of all of them with an online application and report to authorized persons.
  • In a typical search, you should log in to the store and properly introduce yourself to key people in the store. If there is a POS that has been delivered to the store before, you should contact the people in charge of the store to get it. You will also be responsible for placing father covers, promotional bakers and display items in the required sections of the store.

Basic Requirements

  • You can go to the store assigned to you in the evening hours.
  • You should make store visits with your Android or Apple smartphone.
  • You must love working in the store and have no problem carrying heavy POS related items.
  • It is expected that you have worked with POS before and have gained experience.

Features that will make you stand out

  • You’re pretty good at communicating.
  • You adapt to flexible working and enjoy working in a team.
  • When necessary, you take responsibility and complete the work on your own.

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