Home Bargains Store Team Member Job Description & Salary

The Store Team Member position is a part-time role in the Store Assistant job category. Permanent contract and working up to 16 hours per week.

Job Qualifications & Duties

  • You have the right to vacation for 5,6 weeks per year. This holiday entitlement includes bank and public holiday leaves. If you provide service for 5 years, your vacation right will increase to 6.6 weeks per year.
  • You will benefit from the pension plan provided by the company.
  • You will be given a staff uniform to wear at work.
  • 10% discount will be offered for your purchases from the store.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in various social and sports activities.
  • You will get the chance to commute to work by bike.
  • Salary for those who will work in the Store Team Member position varies according to age. Persons aged 16 to 17 earn £5.93 per hour, persons aged 18 to 20 earn £7.55, persons aged 21 to 22 earn £8.97 and persons over 23 earn £9.22.

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What Does the Job Description Cover?

Home Bargains Store Team Member Jobs: Description & Salary (Responsibilities)
Home Bargains Store Team Member Job Description
  • Persons who are Store Team Members are responsible for welcoming the customer who comes to the store with a smiling face. You should also help any customer find the product they are inquiring about and provide excellent service with a smile.

Store Team Member Job Vacancies & Near Me Jobs

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