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Lidl About Us: Lidl is a company that started serving in GB. The company, which started its commercial activities in 1994, has around 800 stores and around 22 thousand employees today. The aim of the company is to provide the customer with the best quality products at the lowest prices. Lidl continues to grow and develop day by day. For this reason, it needs new personnel every day.

Careers at Lidl: There are many entry-level positions available at Lidl. While it is possible to apply for some positions with no experience, it will be possible for you to apply for some positions by completing a certain level of education and having the necessary experience. Lidl job applications are made online through Lidl’s official website. In this content, first step-by-step job application will be explained, then short explanations of the positions you can work for and average salary information will be included.

How to Apply for a Lidl UK Jobs

Lidl Job Application Form Online & Vacancies
Lidl Job Vacancies & Careers Online Page Screenshot

1. Lidl job applications are made through Lidl’s official career page. Access the company’s official career page here. Alternate page.

2. At the top of the accessed career page, you will see the “Enter Role” and “Enter Location” sections. You can write the position name and location information that you want to work in these sections respectively. Thus, the job search will be customized. If you leave any of them blank, all options will be listed. After entering the information, click/tap the blue “Search” button.

3. If you complete these steps completely, you have filled in the lidl application form and successfully completed the first step of the job application process.

Lidl Apply Online & Job Opportunities (with Salaries)

The company is making an effort to recruit the most talented and hardworking people in the industry. It has invested £18m in its workforce, increasing its salary from £9.50 outside of London to £10.10 and the hourly wage of £10.85 on the M25 to £11.30. If you want to work in one of the staff of this company, you can examine the positions below.

Customer Assistant – Salary: £10.10 – £12.25 / hour

As a Customer Assistant at Lidl, no shift is the same and you get out what you put in. Starting at 5am some days to set up the store bakery for the day or finishing at 11pm on others to close the store and ensure the store is ready for another day of customers, you’ll keep moving and keep business booming. Every day is different, so you won’t just be working deliveries or working on the till; you’ll be doing all of it and more. You could even train to be a freshness specialist, non-food specialist or a bakery specialist. It’s your hard graft that puts food onto dinner tables and keeps our customers coming back.

BorehamwoodDetails & Apply
All Locations (395 Open Positions)Details & Apply

Shift Manager – Salary: £11.10 – £13.35/hour

It is your most basic duty to run the store you work in as punctually as a clock. You should motivate the people in your team with appropriate methods and ensure that the tasks are delegated without a hitch. When necessary, you should roll up your sleeves and carry out the works and take care to maintain the high standards of the company. You will be expected to support the store manager and managers in the store where you work, when necessary.

NE10, Low Walker, Gateshead (Part Time)Closed
All Locations (112 Open Positions)Details & Apply

Cleaner – Salary: £10.10 – £11.40/hour

  • Maintain a clean and tidy store, focusing on customer-facing areas
  • Maintain the outside cleanliness and tidiness of the store e.g. trolley bays and the car park
  • Clean the warehouse area including the waste and recycling sections
  • Operate industrial cleaning machinery
  • Carry out minor maintenance tasks and report any major requirements to your manager
BorehamwoodDetails & Apply
All Locations (62 Open Positions)Details & Apply

Lidl Jobs Near Me (with Salaries)

In the table below, you will see Lidl vacancies in and around the location you have selected. The link next to each position will give you access to the page listing active job opportunities.

Lidl Belfast Jobs
– Available Positions: 0
– Location 1: Hi-Park Centre, High St, Belfast BT1 2JZ, United Kingdom
– Location 2: 176-202 Shore Rd, Belfast BT15 3QA, United Kingdom
– Location 3: Castlereagh Rd, Castlereagh, Belfast BT6 9HL, United Kingdom
Details & Apply
Lidl Southampton Jobs
– Available Positions: 37
– Location 1: 15-17 High St, Southampton SO14 2DF, United Kingdom
– Location 2: Banister Rd, Southampton SO15 2XD, United Kingdom
– Location 3: 390 Shirley Rd, Shirley, Southampton SO15 3JG, United Kingdom
Details & Apply
Lidl Wood Green Jobs
– Available Positions: 139
Details & Apply

Answers to all your questions about Working at Lidl

How old do you have to be to work at Lidl? (Does Lidl hire 15 year olds in the UK?)

Lidl stores have many different job opportunities, both part-time and full-time. There are often jobs on the sales floor for entry-level job seekers. It will be sufficient to be over the age of 16 for the job in this sales section. However, people who want to develop their professional career in a Management position will be expected to be at a higher age and have better experience. So, any 15 year old can’t start working at Lidl.

  • Depending on the store and location where you work, the minimum age may be 18. You can find more information about the age limit by going to one of the local shops. (how old to work at lidl)

How long does it take for Lidl to get back to you?

For any position at Lidl, it usually takes 28 days after you submit your updated CV to the company via the Lidl UK application form to find out if you can attend the first stage interview. However, the company’s hiring department will contact you in less than 28 days most of the time. The company will contact you via the e-mail you specified in the system during the recruitment process. However, it is worth noting that there may be various delays in the company’s response during periods when applications are extremely busy.

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