Sainsbury’s Online Assistant Job Description & Pay

Online Assistant Role Sainsbury’s Job Qualifications & Duties

Persons who will work in the position of Sainsbury’s Online Assistant must be over 18 years old. Shift options may differ depending on where you will work.

Salary (sainsbury’s online assistant pay): Persons working in this position will earn wages between £10 and £11.05 per hour. In addition to the standard salary, you will earn an extra £2.45 for every hour you work between midnight and 5am.

What is an online assistant sainsbury’s

If you are someone who likes to strive to make people’s lives easier, this position is for you. People working in the Sainsbury’s Online Assistant position help customers complete their online orders. You must perform the tasks assigned to you quickly.

Whether your job is behind the scenes or doing active work such as picking up products, the smooth preparation of customer orders will be your main task. After the customers place their orders on the Sainsbury’s website, all the service to be provided for the products to reach the customer must be performed flawlessly.

People working as Online Assistants should assemble products as if they were shopping for themselves in the store and take care to choose the best quality products. The customer’s order should be exactly the same, if there is something out of stock, the closest match should be offered to the customer as an alternative.

After preparing the orders requested by the customer, you can also undertake to follow up on the system so that they are delivered on time. In this way, every process proceeds uninterruptedly and customer satisfaction is ensured. You will talk to customers on the phone about their orders, and after the orders are placed in the cash register, they will be placed on the carrier minibuses to ensure that they are ready. As a team, you will try to make the operation perfect.

Online assistant Job Vacancies & Near Me Jobs

You can see the location of the store on the map thanks to the options in the Sainsburys location section at the bottom, and you can access the link to the Sainsbury official website where you can apply for a job from the Details & Apply section.

LocationsApply Online
AylesfordDetails & Apply
CrawleyDetails & Apply
FerndownDetails & Apply
GuildfordDetails & Apply
Haywards HeathDetails & Apply
TonbridgeDetails & Apply
All LocationsDetails & Apply
Sainsbury’s Online Assistant Jobs by Locations

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