Asiana Airlines Job Application

Asiana Airlines Job Application Online

Asiana Airlines Job Application

As an outgrowing and developing company, Asiana Airlines receives applications for different departments of the company. Applicants who would like to work at Asiana Airlines can either provide their online application or directly can contact the human resources. This article mainly focuses on the applicable positions, detailed information about the current open positions and the application procedures. To have a deeper knowledge, only thing you need to do is to follow the requirements given in this article.

Asiana Airlines received the Airline of the Year award five times. This makes the company preferred and forces it to grow more. Thus, interested individuals can find many part-time and full-time entry-level opportunities in Asiana Airlines. Associates with at least little experience can get employment quickly but for more upper level positions applicants need more experience.

Asiana Airlines Job Opportunities & Application Process

Asiana Airlines receives application for open positions almost every season: some of the positions require experience and deeper knowledge in the specific area whereas the rest can be applied by unexperienced employees as well. Applicant who are willing for a position in Asiana Airlines, can apply to the best fit for their future. However, the most important thing to keep in mind that the applicants are strictly expected to fulfill the age requirement. Nevertheless, for entry level positions, there exist no high-level qualification expectance, therefore, the sooner the application is made, the higher change the candidate has.

Baggage Handler : Applicants interested in this position must be able to lift and carry heavy things and to stand on food for long periods of time. Associates are responsible of loading and unloading baggage when shipments arrive and leave. Baggage handlers with little experience start working with 12 to 13 dollars an hour; on the other hand more experienced associates may earn up to 80,000 dollars annually.

Skycap : Skycaps assist travelers by guiding them and handle luggage check ins. Daily duties require associates to clean, answer calls and make announcements. In order to get employment applicants must have high school diplomas or equivalents and the ability to lift over 50lbs and to stand on foot for long periods. Also positive, friendly and motivated applicants gain more hiring consideration. Associates start with 11 dollars an hour but depending on time and performance skycaps may earn up to 15 dollars an hour.

Reservation Agent : Reservation agents handle bookings, check baggage, guide guests through gates and answer questions. The position does not require any experience but it requires a positive and friendly character. New hires start with 21,000 dollars a year but depending on time and performance associates may earn up to 50,000 dollars annually.

Ramp Agent : Ramp agents handle ground services, prepare for landings and usually work mostly before aircraft landings. Ramp agents must guide planes to designated areas, de-ice wings and refuel aircrafts. During FAA trainings, associates practice policies and procedures. Employers choose to hire applicants with high school diplomas and experience. Associates earn 12 to 16 dollars an hour and may earn increases up to 18 dollars.

Work Facts of Asiana Airlines

Age Requirement:

  • At least 18 years old

Asiana Airlines Working Hours

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Open Positions: 

  • Flight Attendant, Ticket Sales Agent, Travel Agent, Security Guard, Customer Service Agent, Baggage Handler, Air Traffic Controller, Cabin Crew Member, Aircraft Avionics Technician, Pilot, Co-Pilot, Airline Administrative Support, Operations Agent, Flight Dispatcher, Regional Sales Manager, Aviation Meteorologist, Passenger Service Agent, Sales Representative, Crew Schedule Coordinator, Airline Station Agent, Airline Flight Instructor

Asiana Airlines Printable Application Form

If you could not find the proper position for your qualifications and make your online application from the current openings listed above, you would rather check, print and fill in the application form provided below for the position you search for at the nearest Asiana Airlines to your location. The current quota for the position you would like to apply for may have not been updated yet, therefore, you can take your first step to your application by directly have contact with the company.

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Asiana Airlines Jobs: Official Site.

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