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Careers at Walmart: Walmart employs around 2.2 million people. The staff working here are experts in their field. Walmart also operates through a subsidiary called Sam’s Club. The jobs you will work here can be categorized as Sam’s Club Jobs, Sam’s Club Management Jobs, Support Services, Walmart Management Jobs, Walmart Store Jobs. When you start working at Walmart USA, you have the chance to develop yourself and advance your career. In this content, Walmart USA Online Job Application processes will be explained and will include explanations about the positions you will work and estimated salary information.

Walmart About Us: The company’s former name was Wal-Mart, and over time it became “Walmart”. Walmart is a company that owns hypermarkets headquartered in Bentonville. Founded in 1962 by a shiki named Sam Walton, the company’s first store was opened in Rogers, Arkansas. Walmart also owns Sam’s Blub retail warehouses. Today, the company, which has around 10500 stores in total, provides services in many countries.

How to Apply for a Walmart USA Jobs

1. Click on the link below to apply for a job
Career Page

2. At the top of the career page you will see a section where you can customize the job search. Click / touch “All Career Areas”. Choose from “Stores & Clubs, Corporate, Healthcare, Technology, Drivers & Distribution Centers.

3. Type the name of the position you want to work in the section that says Search job title or keyword.

4. You can also enter the location information you want to work with in the “All Locations” section. Any location in Canada can be written.

5. For more details, you can review the Walmart Careers Portal Page content.

Walmart Job Opportunities (with Salaries) & Apply Online

Walmart Jobs: Application Form Online & Careers

Having open positions in each department, Walmart waits for your applications. Walmart does not require high- level qualifications but the ambition for work and dynamic/ energetic nature for entry level positions: after the application is completed, if the candidate is appropriate for the position, the candidate will be required to join an interview to check the application information and eligibility for the position face to face and the recruitment will be done. Candidates can apply for the best fit position among the list below according to their history either online or directly.

Cashier & Front End Services – Salary : $9.00 – $15.00 /hour

You should greet the customer with a friendly attitude and greet them appropriately. People who will work in this position will have to stand for a long time. Keeping your work area always presentable and clean is one of your most basic duties. When any customer asks a question, respond in detail and assist in meeting the customer’s needs. If necessary, you are expected to fulfill the tasks assigned to you throughout the store.

Location InfoApplication Info
FRONT ROYAL, VADetails & Apply
COTTONWOOD, AZDetails & Apply
DOUGLAS, AZDetails & Apply
All LocationsDetails & Apply

Online Orderfilling and Delivery – Salary : $14.00 – $20.00 /hour

Applicants for an Online order filler and delivery associate position at Walmart must be people who enjoy shopping. This position entails providing services for consumers. You should carefully find out what the products that the customers you will help with shopping are and choose the most suitable product. You must get your work done quickly and use time efficiently to select suitable products across all departments of Walmart.

Walmart Online Orderfilling and Delivery

Fuel Station – Salary :$10.00 – $16.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
MONUMENT, CO (Full-Time) Closed
Walmart Fuel Station

Auto Care Center – Salary : $55.000 – $65.000 /year

It is a suitable position for people who are good at car maintenance. Tire and oil service will be your priority job. You must ensure that the first and last impression of the customer who comes to receive the service is the best. In addition, you must have a driver’s license in the country where you will be employed. You must have certificates for the use of electrical equipment and be able to operate the devices.

Location InfoApplication Info
BROOKLYN, CT (Full-Time) Closed
Walmart Auto Care Center

Hourly Supervisor and Training – Salary : $85.000 – $95.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Various Locations (Full-Time)Closed
Walmart Supervisor and Training

Stocking & Unloading – Salary : $10.00 – $16.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
Various Locations (Full-Time)Closed
Walmart Stocking & Unloading

Food & Grocery – Salary : $9.00 – $15.00 /hour

Location InfoApplication Info
Various Locations (Full-Time)Closed

General Merchandise: – Salary : $9.00 – $15.00 /hour

You need to help customers by considering their needs. You should present the products in your department to the customers. You are expected to keep the part you are in clean and work in harmony with your teammates. Whenever a customer asks a question, you should answer them correctly, and stock up again when the products are empty on the shelves. You should get detailed information about the store.

Location InfoApplication Info
Various Locations (Full-Time)Closed

Health & Wellness – Salary : $90.000 – $100.000 /year

Location InfoApplication Info
Various Locations (Full-Time)Closed


Greeters greet customers when they are entering and leaving the store. They also help customers with their needs and sometimes guide them through the store. Greeters earn 9 to 10 dollars an hour.

Sales Associate

Sales associates help customers through stores by finding their needs, recommending products, and helping in fitting rooms. They also maintain shelves cleanliness, keep shelves stocked and answer phones. Since the work is about customer services; applicants must be friendly, have knowledge about merchandise and have open availability in order to get employment. Sales associates earn 8 to 9 dollars an hour.

Warehouse Associate

Communicate with (or to) individuals or groups verbally and/or in writing (e.g. customers, suppliers, associates). Maintains housekeeping and safety of facility by monitoring levels of trash in compactors, open-top containers, and trash line; removing and baling cardboard from trash line and reporting trash levels. Processes merchandise and pallets by moving pallets to staging areas and putaway locations using power equipment. Ensure sufficient quantities of boxes are available for order fillers by monitoring levels and replenishing as needed.


Cashiers also greet customers, ring up purchases, handle payments, and bag purchases afterward. Managers look for strong communication skills and the ability to work in a team. Cashiers earn up to $17 an hour. This of course varies depending on skill level, year of study, and location.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Smile, greet, and thank customers with a positive attitude
  • Stand for long periods of time while checking out customers quickly and accurately
  • Keep your area clean and presentable
  • Answer customer questions and help them with their needs
  • Be available to assist associates across the store as needed

Stock Associate

Stock associates load and unload trucks and stock products afterward. Employees work manual labor and lift heavy things consistently. Applicants with open availability gain more hiring consideration since employees may work during late evenings and nights. Associates earn 10 dollars an hour.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Unload trucks
  • Sort products in the backroom
  • Stock products on shelves
  • Ensure aisles are neat and area is clean
  • Engage vendors and drivers with a positive attitude
  • Greet customers and answer their questions

Sales Associate

You’ll find that being a sales associate will keep you moving. It’s up to you to keep your aisles neat and clean, work with multiple supervisors and fellow associates, stock shelves, and answer tricky questions — you may even have to pitch in to help check out customers. The more you know about the store, the more successful you’ll be.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Acknowledge and greet customers with a smile
  • Answer customer questions
  • Help customers find the products they are looking for
  • Assist fellow associates as needed throughout the store
  • Keep your area stocked, clean, and safe


Managers keep in contact with all departments to organize them. They prepare work schedules, hire and guide new employees and try to reach sales goals. I order to get employment applicants must have retail-related work history but entry-level employees may sometimes get promotions to managers. Managers earn from 10 dollars an hour to 50,000 dollars annually as department supervisors. Salaries change depending on the job title.

Cart Attendant & Janitorial Associate 

  • Ensure customers have a great first and last impression
  • Gather carts from the parking lot
  • Operate equipment to move carts from the parking lot to inside the store
  • Clean restrooms, sales floor, and parking lot as needed
  • Have a positive attitude in all weather conditions

Answers to All Your Questions About Working at Walmart

Age Requirement: At least 18 years old

Walmart Working Hours:  All day 7:00 – 20:30  (due to coronavirus)

Walmart Job Application Form/PDF

There are two ways to make your application for Walmart. The first one is that you can fill in the application form, the link to the form is provided below, for the current open positions listed above. During your applications, you are strictly required to fulfill your educational background and working history/experiences completely, so that you will not encounter any issues once you are called for an interview.

The second way of application is to head to the nearest Walmart to your local residence and deliver your application either to human resources manager or general manager. Having your CV in hand while delivering your application to the manager will be an advantage for your application to be taken into consideration rapidly. If you do not have the time to prepare an application form, instead, you may consider using template forms that most of the companies to receive.

How do I get hired with little experience?

For entry-level positions, there exists no high-level qualification expectance, therefore, the sooner the application is made, the higher change the candidate has. The most important thing to keep in mind that the applicants are strictly expected to fulfill the age requirement.

How much does Walmart pay per hour?

As of November 2021, Walmart pays its employees an average of $10-15 per hour. Cashiers earn up to $17 an hour. Packet Handler, on the other hand, charges an average of $18. The Warehouse Worker earns an average wage of $19.84. These fees vary according to location, experience, and position.

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